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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2021

We are launching our 2021 sustainability report, the second after the publication of our first report last year, as a more visible part of our sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategy for 2025.

And we are proud to do so, and to be able to show the incredible involvement, not only of all our staff distributed in the various departments that make up Sodira, but also of the collaborating companies and their workers, who help us to carry out our operations in the different regions where we carry out our mining activity.

Memoria sostenibilidad 2020

Sustainability Report 2020

Sodira faces its first sustainability report with a clear objective,

“to be the leaders in our sector in terms of efficiency and sustainability, through the responsible management of resources and the utmost respect for all those with whom we interact, employees, customers, suppliers, citizens and shareholders.”,

and this sets the bar very high for all of us who are part of this company.

Environmental excellence Environmental excellence

Environmental excellence

Environmental excellence, good corporate governance practices and social responsibility are the three pillars on which Sodira's sustainability strategy is based.

And this report, which has been the collective work of all the company's departments, shows in its 55 pages what it means for Sodira to work with this social and environmental responsibility.